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Install CrazyRemote Sever
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Windows Server Mac Server Google Account Direct Connection



Download CrazyRemote Server, and Run setup program.



Select a language.





Click [Next].



Click [Next] after reading the License Agreement and [I Agree] to the agreement.



Click [Next] Setup will install CrazyRemote Server in the following folder.



Click [Install] before choose Start Menu Folder.



Click [Finish] install to complete the installation.



If it is your first time to install CrazyRemote server, server will run and a window for password input for CrazyRemote connection will come up as below.  Click 'OK' after typing the password in both 'Password' and 'Retype'.
(Password should consist of combination of text and numbers with more than 8 digits.)


[ Notice ]
Users with passwords consisting of only texts, numbers, or less than 8 digits in previous server should input a new password. When "Password is not strong" message in CrazyRemote server, click on [Password Setting] to reset as above.



When the password is set, message confirming the password setting comes up as below. Now click on [Google Setting] to set connection to Google.



When you click [Google Setting], image as below whill show. When you have a Google account, register right away, and when you do not have an account, click [Sign up for the google] to create an account and register to CrazyRemote server again.

Please note that at the end of the ID, @gmail.com should be added to the Google account to register into the server.
(For example, [crazyremote@gmail.com] @gmail.com must be added to register.)



When you click [Login] after the input of Google account and password, [Logging in] will come up on the server as below and Google account is completely registered.





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